30 Day Gym Shape Up

Whether you are looking for a quick and effective shape up for a special occasion or if you just want an extra challenge that will take your current training and fitness to a whole new level, our 30-Day Gym Shape Up Training eGuide has you covered!

  • This is a 4-week training guide.
  • Once you have completed the four weeks you can choose to repeat or just keep the guide aside for when another special occasion comes up or you are looking for a fitness challenge once again.
  • There are 5 workout days each week – including legs, upper body, full body, legs and full body.
  • We have optional hiit workouts which can be done on the 6th day should you wish.
  • We recommend at least 1-2 rest days per week throughout this program.
  • Type of exercise to expect:
    • Conditioning (to improve your strength and fitness levels), hiit/plyometric, body weight plus machine & free weight work.
  • Equipment needed:
    • Machines: Smith, leg press, lat pull down, cables, leg extension and hamstring curl
    • Free weights: Barbell, Dumbbells and / or kettlebell
    • Other: Mat, skipping rope, bench, step and resistance band
  • In addition to your training eguide, we have created daily workout videos to help guide you through your program. These videos are available on the PRIVATE Glow Girls 30 Day Gym Shape Up Facebook Group.
  • When you purchase this guide you also get exclusive access to The Glow Girls Squad Private Facebook Community. This is a supportive, inspirational and motivating space where you get to connect with all your fellow queens from all over the world as well as receive extra support from your Queens Bees, Ashleigh and Andene J
  • Workout duration:
    • Anywhere between 20 minutes – 1 hour (the duration will depend on which workout day it is and on the pace that you keep during the workouts). As you progress during the 4-weeks you will be amazed and how your strength, fitness and recovery between reps and sets improves!
  • All workouts reps, set and time holds can be adjusted to suit your fitness level and time availability and lifestyle if need be.
  • Gym access IS required!
  • This program IS NOT suitable for: beginner fitness level queens, pregnant queens, injured queens of post-partum queens.
  • You need to be injury free, in good health and must have at least a novice level of fitness to do this program safely and effectively.
  • Available for purchase worldwide!
  • Improved confidence, self-worth and feelings of empowerment.
  • Improved strength and fitness levels.
  • Healthy weight and fat loss.
  • Toning, shaping and conditioning.
  • Quick and effective results.
  • Developing a healthy and most importantly ENJOYABLE relationship with exercise. Many of our queens (us included) have said how much we LOVE these workouts and how we cannot wait to train each day!

YAAAAAAAY! We cannot wait for you to join the #glowsquad, Beautiful!

if you have any more questions please feel free to email us or contact us on social media!

Biggest Hug and So Much Love, Ashleigh And Andene


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