Glow Girls Basics of Nutrition

We get you, Beautiful! Nutrition has never been more over whelming and seemed more complicated. Every day we are bombarded with new information, “try this”, “do that”, “eat this”, “don’t eat that”, “this is good”, “that’s bad”! And at times is can seem like you don’t know where to turn and how to even eat anymore.

We know exactly what it feels like which is why we have created our Glow Girls Basics of Nutrition Guide just for you!

Our mission is to share all the knowledge we have gained over the years (our no B-S tips and tools) so that you can un-complicate your food, focus on the basics, never “diet” again, LOVE the food you eat while living a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle.

Let us show you how simple and yummy healthy eating can be!

  • Glow Girls Nutrition Philosophy and Values
  • Glow Girls Basics of Nutrition – including a breakdown of food groups plus our recommended foods within these food groups AND portion sizing.
  • We teach you how to build a healthy meal, Glow Girls style!
  • Our personal Healthy Swaps table.
  • Comprehensive fridge and pantry list
  • Glow Girls Lifestyle Suggestions, health is so much more than just the food you eat.
  • Eating out & on holiday guide.
  • A bunch of extra notes and tips to help you maintain a balanced lifestyle while having a healthy, happy relationship with food!
  • To help you put all the above into practice, we have included our BRAND NEW Glow Girls 4-Week meal plan (dietician approved), both vegan and non-vegan options, together with accompanying weekly shopping lists.
  • Meal Plan Recipe Index.
  • Plus, SO much Vitamin L… LOVE that is!

YAAAAAAAY! We cannot wait for you to join the #glowsquad, Beautiful!

if you have any more questions please feel free to email us or contact us on social media!

Biggest Hug and So Much Love, Ashleigh And Andene